Joe Earle Memorial Road Races May 20

Registration is open for Race Day 2019! This year marks the 55th running and will be held on May 20, 2019.

All entries must be in by Friday, May 17, 2019.
Include Name, Age, Gender, Town, School and Event(s)

Please contact by phone, e-mail or mail to:
Joe Earle Road Races
c/o Mr. V. J. Earle
PO Box 684
Trenton, NS B0K 1X0

9:30 am Baxter MacArthur Memorial One Mile Men 16 & over

9:40 am Hartling Family Memorial One Mile Girls 10-15 years

9:50 am Gloria Clark Memorial One Mile Women 16 & over

10:00 am Carl MacDougall Memorial One Mile Boys 10-15 years

10:10 am Jessie Smith Memorial 1/8 Mile Boys/Girls 2 & under

10:15 am The Boyles Memorial 1/8 Mile Boys 3-4 years

10:20 am The Elda Earle Memorial 1/8 Mile Girls 3-4 years

10:25 am Donald Gabby MacDonald Mem. ¼ Mile Boys 5-6 years

10:30 am Mackie Jenkins Memorial ¼ Mile Girls 5-6 years

10:35 am Doug McInnis Memorial ½ Mile Girls 13-14 years

10:40 am Jim MacArthur Memorial ½ Mile Boys 13-14 years

10:45 am Bobby Gill Memorial ½ Mile Boys 7 years

10:50 am The Cromwell Memorial ½ Mile Girls 7 years

10:55 am Paul MacDonald Memorial ½ Mile Boys 8 years

11:05 am William Tanner Memorial ½ Mile Girls 8 years

11:10 am The MacNeil Family Memorial ½ Mile Girls 9 years

11:15 am Johnny Cooke Memorial ½ Mile Boys 9 years

11:20 am Burton Luddington Memorial ½ Mile Girls 10 years

11:25 am Charlie Stevens Memorial ½ Mile Boys 10 years

11:30 am Five (5) Mile
a) Joan Carrigan Memorial Women 14-35 years
b) Raymond Pentz Memorial Women 36 & over Masters
c) Nonnie Morgan Memorial Men 14-35 years
d) Doucette Family Memorial Men 36-49 Jr. Masters
e) Dennis Lawless Memorial Men 50 & over Sr. Masters
f) Douglas V. MacDonald Mem. Canadian Armed Forces

11:45 am Andre Roussy Memorial ½ Mile Girls 11-12 years

11:50 am Jock Wilson Memorial ½ Mile Boys 11-12 years


No Entry Fee ~ Trophies for all Races
Dinner will be at Trenton Rink one half hour after the
finish of last race. Trophies will be presented after dinner.

~ Courtney Malcolm Award~
Presented to a school in Pictou County which has participants in the Joe Earle Road races who place1st, 2nd, or 3rd. The school with the most points wins the Courtney Malcolm Award- 1st Place 3pts, 2nd Place 2pts, 3rd Place 1 pt.