Never Miss Another Waste Collection Day

Never miss another collection day thanks to Pictou County Solid Waste's new website and app.

Did you forget your waste collection day?

Are your recyclables stacking up because of the holidays?

Which bag do you put that coffee cup in? Is it a blue or clear bag?

These questions and more can now be answered with the click of a mouse or swipe of a finger.

Pictou County Solid Waste has revamped its website so residents can now get reminders in various ways as to when their collection dates are taking place, schedule changes are made, and upcoming events are happening.

It is as easy as typing on its website, and putting in your home address. If you have a mobile phone, you can also download its app in either Google Play or the Apple App Store.

“With the app, you will see the whole collection schedule and use the waste wizard to type in an item if you don’t know where it goes (in either recycling or waste),” said Sasha Bernard, regional educator of Pictou County Solid Waste. “This function is also available on the main website where you can also sign up for reminders to be sent out to you regarding your collection dates, changes in schedules or events.”

For example, if a collection date is being rescheduled because of a storm, a message can be sent to you through email, text, phone or Twitter. The website also has calendars available for print with your collection date on them after you type in your address.

“It is really easy to use and it is always being updated so you have the newest information,” she said, adding the service is free and can be changed if you move to a new location or cancelled at any time. “You can also call us and we will help you set up reminders. It is really helpful in the winter season where might change.”

So far, it has proven very popular with residents and businesses based on the numbers provided by Pictou County Solid Waste. Its users are:
11,688 – Households that have searched for their schedule for the first time
6,013 – Collection reminders have been created (via text, email etc.)
71,449 – Materials have been searched using the ‘Waste Wizard’

For more information about its programs or website, contact Pictou County Solid Waste at 902-395-1495.