Kidsport and Jumpstart Funding Programs Open

Kidsport and Jumpstart Funding Programs Now Open for Applications
You can now apply for both KidSport and JumpStart for activities that have restarted. The links are below and the family size and income cut-offs (which are the same for KidSport and JumpStart) are attached. Both programs will be looking for the 2019 Notice of Assessments now that income taxes have been submitted.
The application process has also been adjusted to include all government Covid-19 financial support programs.…/…/apply-for-assistance…/individual-child-grant-…

Any questions please contact Cindy Fraser with Municipality of Pictou County Recreation at or call 902-485-8528.

Family Size
and Income Cut-Offs
(For 2019 Income Tax Year)

Family of 2 $32,899
Family of 3 $40,455
Family of 4 $49,106
Family of 5 $55,695
Family of 6 $62,814
Family of 7+ $69,953
Family make-up consists of the number in the household (i.e. Family of 4 can be 2 parents and 2 children or 1 parent and 3 children, etc.)