Spring Clean Up and Compost Giveaway begins Monday

Natalie MacQueen of Pictou County Solid Waste shovels compost into a bag held by fellow summer student Tyler Green.  The Mount William Site is hosting a free compost giveaway May 6-11.

MOUNT WILLIAM, NS  - A successful Go Green Get Clean event last weekend leads into Spring Clean up and Compost Giveaways at Pictou County Solid Waste.

Sasha Barnard, educator with PCSW, said she was pleased to see people out takin part in the initiative despite the cold, wet weather.  

“We had over 5,000 people participate this year and we are waiting for final numbers of the actual bags of garbage collected,” she said. “It was quite a bit. One group in particular around here (Trenton Connector) picked over 800 pounds.”

Spring Clean Up officially begins Monday, May 6 which allows people to put out extra items on their garbage collection days.

“During the spring time we like to clean out our houses and d-clutter. It helps with that,” she said.

Spring collection runs from May 6 to 17th and the following conditions apply:

- 20 bag max in addition to regular garbage collection
- An “item is an object, bag, container or tied bundle
- A bundle must not be longer than 4ft
- Items in cardboard boxes will not be accepted
- Microwaves will be accepted in this cleanup
- ITEMS NOT ACCEPTED: Hazardous waste, electronics, appliances, furniture, mattresses, box springs, no items weighing over 75lbs, tires, car batteries or parts , other metal items such as bicycles, propane tanks and barbecues.

The Mount William site has a hazardous waste drop off and electronics can be taken to the recycling depots in the County such as the Golden Penny, Bridge Avenue, New Glasgow;  Bill Stewart’s Scrap Metal and Bottle Exchange on Westville Road or John’s Bottle Exchange and Recycling in Pictou.

The Mount William Site will be open from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Saturdays throughout the Month of May.  It will return to normal operating hours of 8 a.m. to Noon on Saturdays in June.

Landfill Vouchers are now available at the Municipality of Pictou County Administration Building.  People who have a residential assessment in the Municipality of Pictou County will receive two vouchers that are given free of charge to people who own homes or cottages in rural Pictou County.   Vacant land owners, wood lot owners, etc., do not qualify for such vouchers.

Each voucher will cover the cost of disposal at the Mount William Transfer Station up to 1,000 pounds and must be used in accordance with the Municipality of Pictou County Solid Waste Resource Management Bylaw, the Pictou County Shared Services Mount William Transfer Station Policies and the Solid Waste Management Regulations of Nova Scotia.

Pictou County Solid Waste will also be hosting its annual compost giveaway beginning Monday, May 6 and runs until May 11.  

“We have a lot of compost,” said Ms. Barnard. “People in Pictou County are good to compost so we say this is their reward for being such good sorters throughout the year.  Up to 50 per cent of our household waste can actually be composted.   We encourage people to compost and now you get to see the results of your hard work.”

She said people who purchase compost or come in during the giveaway event, can get a compost analysis sheet for a breakdown of its ingredients. Barnard said it is suitable for gardens, shrubs and   lawns as an extra layer of food. 

“Last year, they gave away over 1000 bags of compost and in addition sold 600 bags,” she said. “This is the time of year people look for it. “

Compost Giveaway Conditions:

- Receive two free bags of compost per household
- Bring your own shovel and prepare to get a bit dirty
- If you have bags from last year, please reuse them when possible
- Bags will be supplied for the giveaway if necessary
- If you need more than two bags,  compost can be purchased for $2 (if you have your own bag) or $2.60 ( with a bag supplied by PCSW.  

Compost can be purchased at the Mount William site when it is available throughout the year.  

On June 8,  paper shredding and a household hazardous waste drop off will take place from 9 a.m. to Noon in the parking lot of the Pictou County Wellness Centre.  Shredding will be done on the spot so people can watch their confidential papers be shredded before their eyes.  Shredding will continue until the truck is full so Pictou County Solid Waste cautions people not to wait until the last minute.  

For more information on any of these events, contact Pictou County Solid Waste at 902-395-1495.