Warden Robert Parker Raises Awareness for Men's Health

robert stachMOPC Warden Robert Parker successfully grew a mustache for a national fundraiser, MOVEMBER. The annual fundraiser to raise awareness about the men's health took place during the month of November and participants committed to growing a mustache for the month.

"For the last few years, I have attempted to grow a mustache for the month of November to bring awareness to a major killer of men, prostate cancer. It is a light-hearted way of reminding all men, especially over 40, to take this threat seriously and get tested at your doctor’s office and/or bloodwork. Even if there is not a history of prostate cancer in your family, get checked anyway, you may be the beginning of that history. I notice that Movember is not promoted as much as it used to be ( maybe that’s just me) but you can bet that prostrate cancer has not let up any. Better to be a survivor than a statistic. Please, for your sake and your family’s sake, get tested today. It’s no more difficult than a COVID test, just at the opposite end."
Take care and stay healthy, Robert