Landfill Vouchers Available May 1st

Theresa Welsh of the Municipality of Pictou County’s finance department holds a landfill voucher that will be available to people with a residential assessment in Municipality of Pictou County beginning May 1st.

The Municipality of Pictou County is once again offering its Landfill Voucher Program beginning May 1st.

Landfill Vouchers will be available from May 1 to November 30 to people who have a residential assessment in the Municipality of Pictou County.   Two vouchers will be made available for each residential assessment in rural Pictou County.   

Vouchers are given free of charge to people who own homes or cottages in rural Pictou County.   Vacant land owners, wood lot owners, etc, do not qualify for such vouchers.

Each voucher will cover the cost of disposal at the Mount William Transfer Station up to 1,000 pounds and must be used in accordance with the Municipality of Pictou County Solid Waste Resource Management Bylaw, the Pictou County Shared Services Mount William Transfer Station Policies and the Solid Waste Management Regulations of Nova Scotia.

Vouchers can be picked up at the Municipality of Pictou County’s Administration Building at 46 Municipal Drive, Pictou or they can be mailed to eligible residents.