Recreation 2021 - Virtual Health and Wellness Activities

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We know it can be difficult to try and stay healthy, both physically and mentally, during a pandemic.  Your regular routines are disrupted, your friends are at a distance and your life can sometimes feel like it is a standstill as we continue to practice social distancing.  

But there is plenty of help and motivation online that will keep you moving and improve your mental health.  We have collected some resources for all ages so you can be as healthy as you can be. 

Get started by clicking on a link that will take you to a library of updated websites from many recreation and community groups.  

For more information, contact our recreation department at 902-485-8528 or 902-485-2247.

Activities for Families

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Families are closer than ever now because of social distancing restrictions so now is the time of find some new activities.

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Mental Health Support

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There are times when we need the support of others. Covid-19 has made that more difficult because of social distancing, but there is help online.

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Online Art Resources

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You don't have to leave your home to view some Maud Lewis' art collection or learn how to paint.

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Online Learning

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You are never too young or too old to learn. In fact, you can learn something new every day with these online sites that let you explore nature at its best.

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Outdoor Physical Activity

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Are you missing your favourite sport or recreational activity? Now you can check out these online sites to have own personal coaches who will help you develop new programs or...

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Best Hiking Trails A1 b2

We are surrounded by beauty and nature in the Municipality of Pictou County so why not take advantage of it by walking, running or biking on our trails? Find out...

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Senior Activities

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Seniors are finding more ways to keep active and just because regular groups aren't meeting, doesn't mean they have to stay still.

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Online Physical Activities


If its time to get in shape or maintain your routine, there is help online from recreation and sports professionals who offer us tips and programs on how to keep moving.

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