MOPC Council Appointments, Standing Committees and Outside Boards 2024-2026

Financial Services  Full Council
Property Services  Full Council
Committee of Council as a Whole Full Council
Executive  Full Council

Accessibility  Committee

 Ad Hoc Road Committee

Peter Boyles, Larry Turner, Rae Gunn, Susan Matheson, Rick Parker, Grace Maxner (All non-elected appointments to March 24).

Randy Palmer, Peter Boyles,
Andy Thompson, Darla MacKeil,
Mary Elliott

Age Friendly Communities Committee Peter Boyles, Andy Thompson
144 Construction Engineering Flight Peter Boyles, Dave Freckelton (Nov. 23)
Climate Change Advisory Committee  David Parker, Larry Turner, Peter Boyles,
Mary Elliott, Violet McCullough (March 26), Ed Kennedy (March 26), Reg Brightman (March 26), Pierre Bredell (March 26), Troy Kyle (March 26), Analee Caldas MacEachern (March 25), Kyle MacKenzie (March 25) Rick Williams (March. 25)  Ian MacKay (March. 25) Alyssa MacIvor (March 25)
Community Grant Review  Robert Parker, Wayne Murray,
Darla MacKeil, David Parker,
Chester Dewar, Randy Palmer 
Cruise Ship Committee  Peter Boyles
deCoste - Pictou Library Feasibility Oversight Robert Parker
Fences Arbitration Committee Joyce Roode (Nov. 26)
Fire Liaison Committee Larry Turner, Don Butler,
Peter Boyles, Mary Elliott
Friends of the River John Library Board Mary Elliott
Hector Arena Commission Darla MacKeil, Mary Elliott,
Bayne Barkhouse (March 25)
Heritage Advisory Committee Don Butler, Deborah Wadden,
Peter Boyles, Wayne Murray,
Larry Turner
Ivor MacDonald Memorial Rink  Randy Palmer,  Andy Thompson,
Don Butler
Municipal Alcohol Project Deborah Wadden
Municipal Audit Committee Robert Parker, Wayne Murray,
Darla MacKeil, David Parker,
Deborah Wadden, Richard Feehan (March 26),
Susan Robinson (March 26) 
New Scotland Business Park David Parker, Randy Palmer,
Larry Turner
Noise Committee Robert Parker, Randy Palmer,
Larry Turner
Northumberland Fisheries Museum Darla MacKeil
NRHS School Advisory Committee David Parker
NSFM Delegates Full Council
Pictou-Antigonish Regional Library Board Deborah Wadden
Pictou Co. Genealogy and Heritage Society Peter Boyles
Pictou County Shared Services Authority Robert Parker 
Pictou County Sports Heritage Hall of Fame  Larry Turner
Pictou County Wellness Centre Board Authority  Robert Parker
Pictou Landing Harbour Authority  Deborah Wadden
Pictou-North Colchester Exhibition Darla MacKeil, Chester Dewar
Planning Advisory Committee Don Butler, David Parker,
Randy Palmer, Earle Cameron (March 25),
Wayne Murray,  1 non-elected TBD
Police Advisory Board Wayne Murray, Peter Boyles,
Randy Palmer, Gordon Gillis (March 25), Gwen Savage (March 25),
DOJ Appointment Frances Watling, Kevin MacDonald March 26).
REMO: Unified Command  Robert Parker, Wayne Murray 
REN Liaison Oversight Committee  Wayne Murray
Riverton Guest Home Corporation Don Butler, Chester Dewar,
Larry Turner, Earle Cameron (March 25), Bonnie Allen (March 26)
Riverview Home Corporation  David Parker

Ship Hector Society

Sinclair Island Fishermen's Association

 Mary Elliott                                                                                                                                                                   
 Deborah Wadden
Source Water Protection Comm- New Glasgow  Andy Thompson
Source Water Protection Comm - Pictou  Darla MacKeil
Source Water Protection Comm - Trenton    Peter Boyles, Deborah Wadden
West Pictou School Advisory Committee  Wayne Murray
 Relief Building Inspector  Mike Thompson
Development Officer (Subdivision bylaw)  Jeremie Lewis
Development Officer (Wind Energy LUB)  Jeremie Lewis
Dog Control Officer  Anne MacCarthy
Relief Dog Control Officer  John Fillier
Poundkeepers (Dogs) Pictou County SPCA and
Dog Control Officer/Relief Officer