Get My Landfill Vouchers

Landfill Vouchers from the MOPC are available from May 1st to Nov. 30.
We are happy to mail them out to you as well when they are available. You do not have to come into the office.
Call our finance department at 902-485-4311 for more information or email
If you choose to come in person to pick them up at our Administration Office between 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m.
Vouchers are given free of charge to people who own homes or cottages in rural Pictou County. Vacant landowners, wood lot owners, etc, do not qualify for such vouchers.
Each voucher will cover the tipping fee for up to 250 kg of garbage at the Mount William Transfer Station. They can be used individually or in combination for a maximum total of 1,000 kg and must be used in accordance with the Municipality of Pictou County Solid Waste Resource Management Bylaw, the Pictou County Shared Services Mount William Transfer Station Policies and the Solid Waste Management Regulations of Nova Scotia.