Get a Civic Number

Civic numbers play an essential role in helping first responders find you in an emergency. We cannot stress how important it is that you and everyone in your home and workplace know your civic address and post it properly.

If I do not have civic number, how do I get one?
You can call the Municipality of Pictou County’s GIS department to speak to our Civic Addressing Coordinator. The phone number is 902-485-4311 or he can be reached at

How do you purchase civic number signs?
Some local fire departments will order signs for residents. Contact a member of your department to find out more information. Local businesses such as Eastern Sign Print and Auto Trim and Sign also make them, and the Westville Citizens Crime Prevention is also listed as a supplier on the provincial website.

Can I place my sign anywhere on my property?
The Municipality of Pictou County has a bylaw on civic numbers which outlines how the signs should be posted on a property. The complete bylaw can be found on our website at