Bylaw Enforcement

The Municipality of Pictou County’s Bylaw Enforcement Department will investigate complaints regarding dog control, dangerous and unsightly premises, animals (domestic) at large, as well as the removal of animals such as seals, whales and turtles from beaches. The complete bylaw for dog control, animals at large and dangerous or unsightly premises can be found on our website under the tab Municipal Bylaws.

Registering Dogs:  The MOPC encourages all dog owners to register their dogs so they can be easily identified if they are found off their property. MOPC Tags are $10 for spayed and neutered dogs, and it is a lifetime tag. Non-spayed and non-neutered tags are $35. You can purchase your dog tag(s) at the MOPC Administration Building at 46 Municipal Drive, Pictou, NS OR download this form and mail it in with a cheque to P.O. Box 910, Pictou, NS BOK 1H0.

Filing a Complaint: During working hours, complaints about dogs running at large, mammals on beaches, and animals at large can be taken over the phone at 902-485-8640 or by email at or by filling out the attached form (Bylaw Enforcement Complaint Form) and returning it to our office.  Forms can also be dropped into the building’s mail slot or mailed to P.O. Box 910, Pictou, NS BOK 1H0.

Dangerous and Unsightly Properties: Complaints of dangerous and unsightly properties must be made by filling out the attached form and emailing it to or by returning it to our office in person or by mail.  It MUST BE SIGNED, complete with confidential contact information and returned to the Municipality of Pictou County.  NO ANONYMOUS COMPLAINTS WILL BE PROCESSED  BY OUR BYLAW DEPARTMENT.

Business Hours and After Hours Reporting:
Business hours for dog control are 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Tuesday to Friday.  If you require assistance regarding dog control after hours or on the weekends, please call 902-485-4333 or 902-755-4141. This will connect you to the RCMP Telecoms and they will dispatch the call. 

Animal Cruelty Reminder:
Animal welfare is of premiere importance to MOPC. If you suspect animal neglect or abuse, please contact the SPCA or Department of Agriculture as appropriate using the following contact information:

Domesticated Animals:
SPCA Cruelty line - 1-888-703-7722
Should you not receive confirmation from the above Cruelty line, call 902-396-3595

Department of Agriculture – 902-956-1165

Please Note: The MOPC Bylaw Enforcement personnel should only be contacted in the case of dogs/animals at large or for other bylaw violation complaints.

We thank the public for its ongoing efforts to support animal welfare in our communities.

Bylaw Enforcement Complaint Form

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