ByLaw Enforcement

The Municipality of Pictou County’s Bylaw Enforcement Department will investigate complaints regarding dog control, dangerous and unsightly premises, animals (domestic) at large as well as the removal of animals such as seals, whales, turtles from beaches.  Complete bylaw for dog control, animals at large and dangerous or unsightly premises can be found on our website at  under the tab, Municipal Bylaws.

The bylaw office is not allowing in-person appointments due to COVID-19 restrictions, but there are other ways to reach it for service.   All phone calls will go to message if you require service please leave your name and phone number and you will get a response as soon as possible.

Complaints about dogs running at large, mammals on beaches and animals at large can be taken over the phone at 902-485-8640 or by email at or by filling out the attached form and returning it to our office.  It can also be dropped into the building’s mail slot or mailed to P.O. Box 910, Pictou, NS BOK 1H0.

Dangerous and Unsightly Properties: Complaints of dangerous and unsightly properties must be made by filling out the attached form and emailed to returned to our office in person or mailed.   It MUST BE SIGNED and returned to the Municipality of Pictou County.  NO ANOYMOUS COMPLAINTS WILL BE DEALT WITH BY OUR BYLAW DEPARTMENT.

Dog Control Notice to Public:  We have received a large number of complaints of dog attacks and running at large incidents, since the beginning of COVID-19 restrictions.  Owners who allow their dogs to run at large contrary to the MOPC bylaw can be fined $410.  Continued complaints or pickups of a dog at large, whereby notice has been issued could lead to your dog not being returned to you.

Owners whose dogs have attacked, risk losing their dog through seizure under Provincial Court issued a warrant.

Complaint Form for Dog Control,  Dangerous and Sightly Properties and Removal of Mammal from Beaches.