Municipal FAQ's

When can I expect to receive my tax bills?

Tax bills are mailed twice a year, covering the period of April 1st to March 31st annually. The first bill is mailed in April at a time when Council has not yet set its tax rates. The bill is calculated using your current assessment value which is then multiplied by the previous year's tax rate x 50 percent.

In August you will receive your second bill. By this time Council will have set the tax rates and the total taxes due for the year are calculated. Any payment made in the April bill will be deducted from your August bill. 

Can I pay my taxes using a Credit Card?
The Municipality of Pictou County does not offer the option of paying taxes using a credit card.  However, you may be able to use a third-party service provider that offers additional payment methods, including credit cards.  The only provider that offers the credit card method at this time is listed below for your convenience.  Third-party providers charge a fee for their service.

Avoid Interest Charges!  Even if you pay today, the Municipality may not receive your payment today.  The transfer will typically take place within three to six days.  However, you may encounter additional delays.  Please contact the third-party service provider for more information. The Municipality may charge you penalties or interest or both if your payment is late.  You are responsible for making sure the Municipality receives your payment by the payment due date.  If you are using a third-party service provider, you must clearly understand the terms and conditions of the services you are using.  Also, links to other websites, or references on this website to products, services, or publications other than those of the Municipality, are provided only for the convenience of Municipality website users.  The Municipality does not endorse these products, services, or publications.

Can I qualify for an exemption on my tax bill?
The Municipality does offer a Low Income Tax Exemption and you will find a copy of the Policy regulating the exemption on this website. Applications must be made annually by March 31st.
How do I get a pass to take garbage to the landfill site free of charge?
Residential homeowners in the Municipality are eligible to receive 4 vouchers to deposit garbage at the Mount William Landfill Site free of charge. Vouchers are available at the Municipal Administration Building, 46 Municipal Drive., Pictou, or by calling 485-4311 or 752-1530. The vouchers will allow 4 free deposits at the landfill site any time between May and November. A weight restriction of 250 kg of garbage per voucher will be enforced and all normal landfill regulations will apply to voucher holders.