Municipal Policies


Municipal Policies are available on this page for public review.

Antenna System Siting Review & Consultation Protocol

Capital Improvement Plan

Citizen Appointment

Code of Conduct for Elected Municipal Officials

Committees of Council

Community Connectivity Grants Program

Community Connectivity Event Grant Program

Community Hall Internet Program Policy

Conference/Seminar/Training Attendance & Expense Reimbursement

Construction Tenders Safety Recognition

Council Proceedings

Council Remuneration

COVID-19 Property Tax Financing Plan

Dangerous or Unsightly Premises

Dog Registration Fees

Employee Computer Purchase

Employee Recognition

Event Flags

Fire Department Area Rate

Fire Department Extraordinary Expense

Fire Department Grants

Fire Department Loan Guarantee

Fire Hydrant Training

General Service Area Boundaries

Group Insurance Benefits during Periods of Disability

Hospitality Policy

Individual Sewer Grinder Pumps Maintenance  

Interest Rate

Interest Refunds - Over Pd. Taxes/Appeals

Interim Tax Billing

Intersection Street Lighting

Landfill Vouchers Program

Low Income Capital Charges Tax Exemption 

Low Income Tax Exemption

Milestone Recognition

Municipal Grants Program

Municipal Services Grants

Municipal Officers

Municipal Vehicles

Occupational Health & Safety

Private Road Naming

Private Roads


Public Participation - Subdivision By-Law

Radio Communication Facilities Fees

Recreation Grants

Road Improvement   


Student Employment

System of Fire Inspection

Tax Collection Policy

Tax Exemption & Tax Reduction

Tax Reduction or Refund  Policy (Bldgs. Destroyed by Fire)

Term of Office for Deputy Warden

Video Conferencing Policy

Volunteer of the Year

Wind Energy MPS


Print copies of particular policies are available at
the Municipal Administration Building