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Become a Volunteer Firefighter

The Municipality of Pictou County has 18 volunteer fire departments, serving approximately 22,000 residents in different communities throughout our municipality.  Our county has multiple different districts, ranging from heavily rural, to large commercial and industrial properties.

Currently, we have approximately 400 volunteer firefighters, proudly serving their communities.  Tasks range from fire suppression, motor vehicle collisions, water rescue, medical emergencies, fire prevention and other public and agency assistance calls.

What is it like being a volunteer firefighter?

In the role of a volunteer firefighter, you will start by learning.  The first steps as a firefighter in our community will be familiarizing yourself with our equipment, policies, and practices.  Secondly, you will have training provided to you where you will learn the basic skills required to respond to emergencies.

While firefighting may seem like our only job, there are many other roles on an emergency scene, and at the fire station.  We are always recruiting firefighters; we are also recruiting those who want to be a supportive role.  Responsibilities for this can range from traffic control to scene accountability, as well as many other tasks.

What qualifications do you need to become a volunteer firefighter?

A valid driver’s license (minimum class 5)

  • A clean criminal record check
  • A driver’s abstract demonstrating a safe driving record
  • Ability to communicate in English
  • Canadian citizenship or landed immigrant status

* Some stations have a junior firefighter program, where some of these qualifications are not necessary, please submit your information below to determine where the nearest junior program is located. *

Click here to apply?

 If you are interested in learning more about becoming a member of a rural fire department in the Municipality of Pictou County,  please click the link above to fill out a form that will go directly our the MOPC' Director of Emergency Services. 

Frequently asked Questions

Q: Do I need the experience to join?
No experience is necessary to join your local fire department, all training will be provided.

Q: How much time do I have to devote as a volunteer?
This will depend on each individual department, however, the Province of Nova Scotia states that a volunteer firefighter in good standing will attend 20 percent of each of the department’s annual calls, training, and meetings. 

Q: Do I have to fight fires?
NO, our stations need members with all types of skills and abilities.  While fighting fires seems like our only task; there are many other positions on fire scenes ranging from traffic control, firefighter accountability, and other supportive roles that are just as important.

Q: What if I get hurt while on a scene or at training?
All MOPC volunteer firefighters are covered under a comprehensive insurance package, as well as WCB should they be injured in the performance of their duties, whether on scene, at training, or at the station.

Q: Will I get paid?
There is no compensation associated with our counties’ volunteer service, however; if you are a member in good standing, after one year of service you will be provided with one set of Volunteer firefighter plates, removing the expense for registration fees, as well as be eligible for a provincial tax credit annually.