Warden's Message

Robert Parker 2020 H and S

The sun has warmed up the outside air; the grass is green, new young baby animals and birds play and sing. 
All is well with the world.  Well, not quite.  A long way from it.
We are still battling COVID, having lost over 25,000 Canadians and shaken our lives like nothing since the World Wars.   We also have a battle on our hands to protect Mother Earth.  Mental health is also a huge challenge that is destroying many lives and many families.  Many residents of our rural municipality are fighting a tough battle every day with significant illness and many losing dear loved ones.

Let us go back to the birds singing and all the newborns playing. We have a lot to be thankful for.

"We live in a good place at a good time in history," to borrow a line from one of my favourite preachers.
I believe our job in local government is to make the good things better, so we continue to attract people to live here and correct things that make life difficult, at least those within your control.

On a positive note, our construction numbers are up this year. I hope that some of this is trust that we will eventually have the best high-speed internet and cell service in the province. Although I am not happy with how long it has taken, we do have federal dollars to help with the wireless component of the project, and we are planning to have towers across the county this summer.  

Our fibre to the home is ongoing.  Our share of the provincial high-speed internet dollars would help, so as the provincial election nears, please pressure your candidates to treat rural Pictou County fairly. 

Thank you to those who made our roadsides more attractive in the recent cleanup.  Our council needs to continue to develop strategies to prevent littering and dumping.   Thanks to Earle Cameron and his staff at Pictou County Solid Waste to coordinate Go Clean Get Green and their ongoing work to clean up illegal dumpsites.

There is a massive challenge in our County to do with doctor shortages. Our council supports a position to attract new doctors and retain those who are here.  Virtual health is sometimes all you need, but nothing replaces everyone having a doctor.  We must accept nothing less as our end goal.   Our council has always been a strong advocate for better mental health care in this county.  We have a joint committee with the other five municipal units firmly committed to improving mental health services in Pictou County.

On behalf of my fellow councillors and staff, enjoy your summer as we ease our way out of this pandemic.  Be safe as you enjoy our inland and coastal waters. The best is yet to come and remember to take care of each other.

Warden Robert Parker