Warden's Message

Robert Parker 2020 H and S

Welcome to summer in rural Pictou County.  On behalf of my 11 fellow councillors, myself, and our dedicated staff, please enjoy our beautiful county and support the many locally owned shops and farms that dot our spectacular landscape. Amidst all the good things, we also have many challenges in our rural county. 
Access to modern communications is a necessity for most of our residents.  This includes both high-speed internet and dependable cell service no matter where you are. While slower than we would like, our high-speed network is advancing, and soon more than a dozen towers will be erected and reach several thousand homes with wireless internet. Once our towers are connected by fibre, companies that provide service to your cell phones will be able to provide much more dependable service.  Our municipality will not provide cell service but will enable others to do it in a much-improved fashion.
The project includes fibre for 2/3 of our homes over the next two years, with only a few outlying areas being served, possibly by satellite.
Housing remains a big issue in Pictou County as it is across the province.  The good news on this front is our county has come to a sales agreement that will see the former East Pictou High School converted to housing and possibly some healthcare, adding housing in our rural county.  The county is also part owner of the East River Business Park where another large housing project is being built.  It is also good to see a new senior’s home will soon be built to replace the current Valley View Villa.
Please help keep our county clean this summer. Your council is developing a strategy that will help with the littering problem. If you have some good strategies in mind, please forward them to our Communications Officer Sueann Musick at sueann.musick@munpict.ca.
Our county has a dangerous and unsightly policy that tries to
get a few scattered properties cleaned up. This is often a controversial process because it is complaint driven. After a complaint is received, our bylaw officer, not councillors, determines if it meets the dangerous and/or unsightly level.
A lot of us are under additional mental stress as we attempt to put Covid behind us so please be kind and welcoming to all and make everyone’s day special.

Warden Robert Parker