Residential building permits increase in 2018 for the Municipality of Pictou County

mike and travis

PICTOU, NS – The number of new residential properties being built in the Municipality of Pictou County continues to rise in 2018.

According to a recent report, the Municipality has issued 117 permits for 83 single family residential  units so far in 2018 compared to 102 for 68 residential in 2017.   This increased the value of construction from $11,328,560 last year to $16,234,860 as of November 2018.

So far this year, the number of permits issued for apartments is just one less than in 2017 and commercial permits are down by six.  However, the value of construction of the commercial units in 2018 has increased by $2,133,200 meaning that fewer commercial buildings might be going up, but the ones that are being built are more expensive.

Based on year-to-date comparisons, the total number of building permits issued by the Municipality of Pictou County for 2018 is only nine fewer than 2017, but the value of construction estimates have increased by $5 million compared to 2017.

“I think people build in rural Pictou County because the tax rate is good,” said Mike McKenzie, building inspector for the Municipality of Pictou County. “A lot of areas also have serviced lots (water and sewer) which make it more attractive to the builder and home owner.”

He said all new buildings now need to meet energy standards and people in general are more energy conscious when they are building.  Accessibility is another factor that is going to play a large role in new buildings in the future as the province puts the finishing touches on its Accessibility Act.

The Municipality of Pictou County currently has two full time building inspectors to keep up with the demand of new construction in the County.  The building inspection division of public works and development is mandated to administer and enforce the Nova Scotia Building Code Regulations which the Municipality of Pictou County has adopted by law.  The department is responsible for all new construction, alterations to buildings, relocations and demolitions.

Provincial regulations mandate the Municipality to use and administer the current adopted additions of the National Building Code of Canada. 

McKenzie said rural Pictou County residents or business owners interested in building a new business, residence needs to make an appointment at the County office to receive a building permit.   They must have their building plans, access permit and onsite sewage approval with them which will be reviewed by the inspector before a permit is issued.

Once the permit is issued, it is the builder or owner’s responsibility to contact Municipality of Pictou County for inspections throughout the construction.  At the end of the build, once Nova Scotia Power does its final inspection, the Municipality’s inspectors will do the final occupancy inspection so the owner can move into the structure.  

Anyone interested in obtaining a building permit from the Municipality of Pictou County can contact the department at 902-485-4588.  Office hours are Monday to Friday from 830 to 10 a.m.  

Building Permit Numbers for the Municipality of Pictou County as of November 2018:

Type                        Permits       Units         Value of Construction

Single Family           117              83                 $16,234,860

Duplex/Semi               0                  0                   0

Apartments                 4                 13                 $884,480

Other Residential       67                0                  $1,564,300

Commercial                 7                  0                  $2,907,200

Industrial                      0                  0                  0

Inst/Gov’t                     2                  0                  $560,000

Agriculture                   9                  0                  $294,000

Other                           6                  2                  $255,000

Total                            212              98                $22,659,840