Council concerned about campers becoming permanent homes in rural districts

Council has asked staff to look at its minimum planning standards to address concerns about people making travel trailers or recreational vehicles their homes 12 months of the year.
District 4 Coun. Mary Elliott said during a recent property services meeting that she is receiving calls from residents about people living in campers all year round in her district on land that is not designated as camping areas. She said the travel trailers are typically placed by land near the water and are being used as permanent homes.
“These travel trailers or RVs don’t add to property values and the municipality is missing out on revenue it needs to operate and it is unfair to those who are paying. Aside from being unsightly, they are not complying with standards that you need for a permanent home,” she said. “There is a fear of an increase in the garbage and no place to store it and attracting wildlife to the community. My intention is not to take away housing but to make it fair to those who have great respect for their property and concerns within their community.”
District 7 Coun. David Parker said he has heard similar concerns in this district and the problem is becoming more common because people in them don’t have a lot of options.
“I agree that we should have standards to protect property values, but we also have a responsibility that we don’t put someone out in the cold a week before Christmas because their RV is not up to standard,” he said.
MOPC staff this is an issue that will be looked at as it develops a land use planning strategy.