Council Highlights for Aug. 3, 2021

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Council highlights from the Aug. 3, 2021 meeting. The full meeting can viewed on the Municipality of Pictou County's You Tube channel at
Council has proclaimed September 27 to Oct. 3 as the Right to Know Week. This is a celebration of the right of citizens to access information that will facilitate informed public participation in policy formulation, ensure fairness in government decision-making and permit the airing and reconciliation of divergent views.
Council approved its 2021-2022 water utility budget for $492,900. It also approved rating and collection of area rates for streetlights, hydrant fire protection and sewer maintenance for the same fiscal year. They include:
Street lights - $49.35 ( per property flat rate)
Street lights - District one - $9.09 (per property flat rate)
Street lights - 0.052 per $100 assessment
Street lights – Little Harbour/Pictou Landing – 0.016 per $100 assessment
Street lights – Abercrombie/Granton – 0.017 per $100 assessment
Hydrant fire protection residential - $270 per property flat rate
Hydrant fire protection commercial – 0.0043 per $100 assessment
Hydrant fire protection industrial – 0.0047 per $100 assessment
Sewer maintenance fee $313 per property flat rate.
Council approved members of its new Accessibility Advisory Committee. They include elected members Peter Boyles and Larry Turner. Non-elected members Rae Gunn, Susan Matheson, Rick Parker and Grace Maxner.
Council has approved a change in the general service area boundaries for five civic numbers on the Old Pictou Road from the community of Bigney to the community of Hodson. The MOPC, Scotia Geomatics Centre or the Emergency Management Office of Nova Scotia may initiate a change to an existing GSA where it is felt that the adjustment to the boundary will enhance and/or improve efficiencies of emergency responder service. There are also occasions where residents believe they are incorrectly identified with a particular GSA that does not match what they consider to be their historical community or record. In this case, residents in the community of Bigney, felt they were more closely connected to Hodson and consider it to be their community of historical record. They requested a change in the GSA and it was approved by council’s property service committee.
The Municipality of Pictou County has appointed Willard MacDonald of District 12 as its sheep valuer for 2021-22.
The Municipality of Pictou County has accepted a collective agreement ratified by its staff in the Nova Scotia Government Employees Union. The contract is effective until 2024.