Council supports resident's call for safety audit at dangerous intersection

The Municipality of Pictou County agrees with a local resident that a safety audit should be conducted for the intersection of the River John Road and Meadowville Station Road.
The resident had written to Deputy Warden Wayne Murray about the intersection in Poplar Hill.
At the intersection, vehicles travelling on Meadowville Station Road have the right of way and are not required to stop, while those travelling on the River John Road are required to stop.
The resident explained that a relative of theirs was in an accident at the intersection which was caused by someone failing to stop at the River John Road. Not long after, the same resident came upon another accident at the same intersection.
“I am concerned that someone will be seriously injured or killed at the intersection,” the resident wrote. “As well these collisions are requiring the time and resources of our overburdened first responders.”
She said she would like a safety audit to be completed at the intersection and steps taken to ensure that further accidents don’t occur.
Her letter was presented during the July 17 Property Services Committee Meeting and Deputy Warden Murray voiced his support.
“That’s a very dangerous intersection,” he said and asked council to support the resident's call for an audit by writing to the province requesting it be done as well.
Council voted unanimously to support the motion.