County recognizes Epilepsy Awareness Day

purple ribbon

Rhiannon McNair, left, and Theresa Welsh, both employees with the Municipality of Pictou County's finance department, are wearing purple ribbons today to raise awareness about epilepsy.  

ribbon3March 26 has been declared across the province as Purple Day to raise awareness about this neurological condition. 

In motion passed by Deputy Warden Wayne Murray during March’s Council Meeting, he stated epilepsy is one of the most common neurological conditions, estimated to affect more than 50 million people worldwide and more than 300,000 people in Canada.

The Epilepsy Association of Nova Scotia was created 1980 and for 39 years, it has provided service, support and programming for all persons who live with epilepsy, their families and their communities in all three Maritime Provinces.

Purple Day was founded by Cassidy Megan, an eight-year-old girl, who wanted one day in every year for everyone to learn about epilepsy and support those who live with this neurological condition.  On June 28, 2012, the Government of Canada created Purple Day in Canada. Working with Cassidy Megan, our organization approached the Anita Kaufman Foundation in the United States to make Purple Day a global initiative.  It is now recognized in over 85 countries and on every continent.


Councillors wore Purple Ribbons during a March meeting in honour of Purple  Day.