Dec. 3 Council highlights

municpality sign

Update from Coun. Larry Turner on the progress of the Pictou County Regional Economic Working Group.    The group is focusing on recruitment of a CEO, governance and recruiting new people to the board.  It has heard presentations from other REN groups in the province on how they operate and will be using the information to help establish their own governance and interim business plan.

Update from Coun. Deborah Wadden on the Municipal Alcohol Project which discussed issues surrounding the legal sale of cannabis.  MAP’s next task will be prepare for the edible cannabis products.  It also discussed the risks around personal cultivation and the difficulty to enforce it. She said some of the risks identified include poisoning and the hazard this presents to children and pets.  Another risk is the high humidity required for young cannabis plants that can lead to fungal growth and mold issues in homes and the various enrichment practices such as using generators and compressed C02 that can result in carbon monoxide poisoning.  There is also the risk of fire from improperly used or installed equipment.   A MAP meeting is planned for Dec. 10 with other MAP groups from the northern area. 

Approval of the property services report that included an update on the status of capital projects including work that has begun on the McLellans Brook watermain replacement and completion is targeted for Dec. 21.

Approval of Municipal Services grant for District 13 Recreation and Planning Commission in District 10 for $2,185 to repurpose funds originally approved for surveillance equipment to cover the cost of compressor repairs.

Approval of a Council Grant of $160 to the Pictou Lobster Carnival for ice rental co-sponsorship.

Approval of the Recreation Grants for:

National Challenger Baseball Jamboree $1,800 – travel costs

River Home Corporation $1,000 – recreation programming

Valley View Villa $1,000 recreation - programming

Pictou Co. Basketball Association $382. 50 –programming

Pictou County Mariners $195 - programming

Pictou Co. Gymnastics Club $502.50 – programming

Upcoming meeting dates:

Dec. 17- property services meeting and finance meeting

Jan. 7- Council meeting