Get Outside but be Aware of Ticks

May is National Lyme Disease Awareness Month in Canada.

COVID-19 is here in our province and so are ticks.

The ticks are not going to give us a break this year just because Nova Scotia is dealing with so much right now.

On May 1st, Premier StephenPeter Boyles District 16 McNeil announced the easing of some public health restrictions around COVID-19. The premier discussed how getting outdoors for recreation is important for a person's physical and mental health.

The provincial and municipal parks can now reopen, trails are allowed to open, people are allowed to use and visit community gardens, garden centres and sport fishing is permitted from shore or boat.

The existing social distancing and social gatherings rules remain in place. So as we head outdoors to enjoy nature, breathe the fresh air and get some exercise and remember the ticks can be anywhere. Carry your tick removal kit with you. We still need to stay the blazes home for the most part so use this opportunity to educate yourself and your family about Lyme Disease and how to prevent it. Prevention is key and always better than treatment. Enjoy the outdoors while keeping yourself, your loved ones and your pets safe.

 I would like to take this opportunity to thank three women that have worked tirelessly as Lyme Advocates, to educate and give us support here in Pictou County. Brenda Sterling-Goodwin, Amy Hayne-Desjardins and Jennifer Maclean, you have taught us Lyme Disease awareness, education, early intervention and so much more. Thank you.

For District 9, I would just like to mention again that I am working from home and if you need my assistance please feel free to call me at 902-755-3938 or by messenger at or email at Follow me at

Take Care, Be Safe and Stay Kind

Peter Boyles