Helping Seniors Cover Heating Bills, Other Increasing Costs

The government is taking action to help older Nova Scotians with increasing energy prices and other rising costs so that more seniors are able to live well at home.
Seniors and Long-Term Care Minister Barbara Adams announced today, July 28, that the Seniors Care Grant will be expanded to include more services and provide a one-time $250 emergency heating grant to eligible seniors. This means that seniors applying for the Seniors Care Grant will be eligible for up to a maximum of $750 this fiscal year. Applications will open on September 1.
"We know that the cost of many of the things we need every day is rising, and that is having an impact on many Nova Scotia seniors who can least afford it,” said Minister Adams. “We have always said that we would look for new ways to meet the needs of seniors and expanding this already successful program will provide more support so that they can live with dignity and respect.”
The heating grant will be available to all eligible Nova Scotians 65 and older, including people who have already received the Seniors Care Grant and the Heating Assistance Rebate Program in the past year. The grant is available for the cost of oil, wood, electricity and other energy sources.
The Seniors Care Grant has also expanded the eligible list of services covered to help seniors stay in their homes longer. This includes the cost of telephone or Internet services, eye exams, dental work, mental health supports, physical therapy, occupational therapy, massage and foot care.
With these additions, the Seniors Care Grant is expected to use its entire $29.1 million budget for the 2022-23 fiscal year.
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