Highlights from the Nov.5, 2018 council meeting

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Nov. 6, 2018

The Municipality of Pictou County held its Nov.5, 2018 council meeting.  Highlights of the meeting include:

  • The unanimous acceptance of the county’s 2017-2018 financial statements which saw the county end its year with a surplus of $1.3 million in its general operating fund as well as a $6.5 million surplus in its consolidated statements.
  • A presentation by Pictou County resident Tyson Bowen who is a 14-year member of the Canadian Armed Forces and is working towards opening a Real Canadian Recreation park in Lorne, Pictou County.    Mr. Bowen said the park is being designed for retired military personnel as well as the general public and will feature progressive outdoor trails for biking, hiking and motorized vehicles as well as campsites and cabins.   Its goal is to provide a peaceful environment for military retirees suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder. His intention is to have the park open by the spring of 2020.
  • The Municipality of Pictou County approved a municipal services grant for the Barney’s River Station School House Museum in District 1 for $1,300 which will be used for posts, footings, door jam and painting.
  • Pictou County Municipal Crime Prevention received approval for a $5,000 council grant which will be used for its operating expenses
  • MacDonald Rebekah Lodge received approval for a $2,805.66 council grant which will go towards its roof replacement.
  • The Hector Arena received approval for a $15,000 recreation grant to be used for operating expenses.
  • The Municipality of Pictou County accepted a tender from Highland Ford Sales Limited of $43,406 for the purchase of 2019 vehicle.  It was the lowest tender in the bidding process.
  • The Municipality of Pictou County accepted the tender from Samson Equipment Limited for the purchase of 54 E-One Grinder Pump Stations and 6 E-One Pump Core Units for the MacLellan’s Brook-Upper Plymouth, Abercrombie and Alma-Springfield Estates wastewater projects.   The total purchase price is $226,800.  
  • The Municipality of Pictou County approved the expenditure of $22,050 to I-Valley for the Pictou Towns Inclusion Program and the Pictou Regional Alignment Program.  As part of municipal council’s commitment to explore the broadening of its rural internet and cellular program to include local towns and pursue a common front for broadband networking with neighbouring communities, it has presented proposals to neighbouring municipalities as well the Pictou Landing First Nations to review a regional concept for such service.
  • Council approval was granted for the installation of an intersection street light in District 6 at the intersection of Highway 376 and the Durham Road in Durham.

 Sueann Musick

Communications Officer for the Municipality of Pictou County