Many thanks given to Health Care Workers and Essential Services

Health care employees and essential workers got a big thank you from local emergency services Thursday.

First responders followed along East River Road with lights flashing and drivers waving to say thank you to all the men and women who are working in health care throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

“A suggestion was taken to Pictou County REMO (Regional Emergency Management Organization) that something should be done as a special thank you to everyone working in health care and all essential workers because these are the people who are looking out for everyone else,” said REMO Coordinator, John Davison. 

The procession began Thursday at 11 am from the Aberdeen Business Centre parking lot and drove past public health buildings as well as the Aberdeen Hospital.


“We kept the route short, but we wanted to make sure that health care staff knew we are thinking of them during this crisis and we are behind them one hundred percent,” said Davison.

Similar processions have been taking place across the country as well as people leaving messages of encouragement and support in their neighborhoods. REMO, which involves representatives from the six municipal units working collaboratively with the province to activate emergency management plans, will also be placing thank you banners across Pictou County in support of all essential workers.

“We know we are in this for a long time and the stress that we feel waiting it out at home is magnified by 1000 when you have to work in it during this crisis,” Davison said. “They are leaving loved ones at home, working in conditions that can be tense, and dealing with people who are anxious about their surroundings.”

Davison said, therefore, REMO continues to stress that people need to follow the provincial guidelines related to the state of emergency. People should be staying home when possible, physically distancing themselves from others, and only leaving their homes for essential items, such as groceries and medications.

New Glasgow Regional Police Chief, Stephen Chisholm, said his department was proud to be part of the procession.

“We wanted to make a gesture to salute health care workers,” said Chief Chisholm. “Today and every day we are very appreciative of the work that they do to serve Pictou County.”

Trenton Fire Chief, Wayne Alain, said it was important for his department to be part of the event.

“We want to show support for front line people because we are in this together,” he said.

“The importance of today’s procession in demonstrating support for our essential workers is paramount to our well-being. It lifts us up and allows us to continue and keep showing up in tough times. It is wonderful to know that something that is normally taken for granted, like healthcare employees going to work each day, is one of the things that deserve a show of gratitude during this life-changing time,” said Eileen MacIsaac, Director of Internal Communications (Northern Zone),  Public Engagement and Communications for the Nova Scotia Health Authority. “I am personally grateful that REMO was willing and able to do this for our health care sites along East River Road. Our employees and partners could be seen on the street and at the windows of the Aberdeen Hospital enjoying (from an appropriate distance) the procession. Thank you for this!”

A video of the thank you is posted on the REMO- Pictou County Regional Emergency Management Organization Facebook Page.