MOPC endorses naming of Billy Boudreau Brook

billy brook

The Municipality of Pictou County has given its approval to name a brook in the Union Centre/Hazel Glen area after a Pictou County man who lost his life while serving his country.

Council endorsed the naming of the brook after the late Chief Petty Officer, 2nd Class William Alfred Boudreau of New Glasgow.  Nova Scotia’s Geographic Naming Services conducted a survey of residents and received public support for the naming to take place.   Naming Services selected another brook in the Thorburn area in 2019, but this naming was not approved because it did not receive support from residents in the area.

Boudreau, known as Billy to his family, was born in New Glasgow in February 1929 and enlisted with the Navy in Halifax in 1951. He was stationed on the HMCS Kootenay, and perished due to an explosion, that was caused by an onboard fire.

Kootenay was part of a nine-vessel Canadian Task Group that was exercising in waters south of Plymouth England when the ship was ordered to carry out a periodic full power trial.  Boudreau was buried at sea and this would give his descendants a place to visit in his memory.

Names evolve over time and new names or name changes can be proposed. Name applications may be submitted by anyone. Proposals are reviewed and may be approved by the Nova Scotia representative on the Geographical Names Board of Canada.

Since 1897, official place names have been authorized through a national committee known today as the GBNC. The GNBC creates and promotes the use of geographical naming standards across Canada. Names are recorded in a national authoritative register known as the Canadian Geographical Names Database. Official place names are the ones that appear on government maps.