Municipal Council Declares June 2-9 Bike Week

At its regular meeting, held June 4, 2018, the Municipal Council proclaimed June 2nd through June 9th as Bike Week in Pictou County. Below is a copy of the resolution adopted by the Municipal Council 


WHEREAS, the bicycle is a healthy and eco-friendly form of alternative transportation and an excellent tool for recreation and enjoyment of Pictou County’s scenic beauty; and

WHEREAS, the Towns of New Glasgow, Pictou, Stellarton, Trenton, Westville and the rural communities within Pictou County recognize bicyclists as legitimate roadway users who are therefore entitled to legal and responsible use of all public roadway facilities within the boundaries Pictou County; and

WHEREAS, recognizing the use of bicycles as a viable mode of transportation, endeavors to promote safe and responsible bicycling and is committed to incorporating the continued development of bicycle infrastructure; and

WHEREAS, creating a bicycle-friendly community has been shown to improve citizens’ health, well-being, and quality of life, grow the economy, attract tourism dollars, improve traffic safety, and reduce pollution, congestion, and wear and tear on our streets and roads; and

WHEREAS, throughout Bike Week 2018 (June 2nd to 9th), the residents of Pictou County will experience the joys of bicycling through educational programs, commuting events, or by simply getting out and going for a ride;

NOW, THEREFORE, the Mayors and Warden of Pictou County do hereby officially proclaim June 2-9,2018as Bike Week in Pictou County.