Municipal Council Supports Purple Day

Purple Day

Members of Municipal Council wear Purple Ribbons to recognize Purple Day.


Warden Robert Parker on behalf of the Municipal Council proclaimed March 26th as Purple Day. Purple Day was founded by Cassidy Meagan, an 8 year old little girl who wanted one day every year where everyone would learn about epilepsy and support those that live with this neurological condition.  On June 28th, 2012, the Government of Canada created the Purple Day Act and received royal assent. March 26th is officially recognized as Purple Day in Canada.  Working with Cassidy Megan, our organization approached the Anita Kaufman Foundation in the U.S. and together, Purple Day is now a global initiative.  It is recognized in over 70 countries and on every continent.

The Epilepsy Association of Nova Scotia has reached out to all maritime municipalities across the provinces to support Purple Day, March 26th.  This is Purple Day’s 10th Anniversary.  

The Epilepsy Association of Nova Scotia (EANS) was created in 1980 and for 35 years has provided service and support as well as programming for all persons who live with epilepsy, their families and their communities in the Maritimes.

EANS provides an educational component that features seizure first aid and other information for employers so that persons living with epilepsy can access and retain employment.  There is also an educational program EANS deliver to schools (elementary, junior high, high school and universities/colleges) where they teach epilepsy awareness (recognizing seizure activity), the different types of seizures and what to do if their friend or anyone in their home or community has a seizure.  This program is vetted by the Canadian League Against Epilepsy. 

Additionally, because this is Purple Day’s 10th anniversary, EANS will hold our first Purple Day Ambassador conference on June 9th, 2018.  The conference will be a one-day event and those travelling from 3 hours’ drive or more will be invited to stay overnight in a hotel.  The conference will have informative sessions for adults, an opportunity to train as an educational consultant in their home area and fun activities for the kids.  Kids of all ages and youth will also be given the tools and training how they too can become true ambassadors in their home areas.  We are hoping to make this an annual event too.

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