Municipality Sends Condolences to Humboldt


Warden Robert Parker on behalf of the Municipal Council, staff and residents of the Municipality of the County of Pictou sends condolences to Humboldt.

Mayor Rob Muench
715 Main St.
PO Box 640Humboldt, SK
S0K 2A0


Dear Mayor Muench:

On behalf of the Councillors and staff of the Municipality of Pictou County, I want to express our deepest sympathies, through you, to all citizens of Humboldt and surrounding communities in the wake of the absolutely horrifying accident last Friday evening. 

Our thoughts and prayers are with the families of all the young hockey players, their coach and staff.  We hope and pray that the badly injured will recover and thereby provide hope for everyone else. 

We are a small, rural municipality of 22,000 in northern Nova Scotia where hockey is a central part of life for many, as it is across our great country.  In the mid 1980’s this community suffered a terrible loss when three young hockey players and a mother were killed in a highway accident during a snow storm returning from a tournament in New Brunswick.  To this day, more than 30 years later, a memorial bantam tournament is held every year in memory of those victims.

All of our eyes were glued to the TV on the weekend and we all felt the excruciating pain of the citizens of Humboldt.  I admired the manner in which you and the President of the hockey club handled yourselves under conditions none of us ever want to find ourselves in.

May the good people of Humboldt, Saskatchewan make it through this horror and come out the other end, forever strong.  Know that all the good folks in Pictou County, Nova Scotia are with you always; despite the many miles, we feel close to you at this very sad time.

                                                          May God be with you all, 

                                                          Robert Parker