Province's Plans for Pictou County Roads in 2023 and 2024

The provincial government is investing in provincial highways, bridges and ferry infrastructure to make them safer for Nova Scotians.
The Five-Year Highway Improvement Plan released January 6, will see about $450 million invested in 2023-24 in roadwork and major projects already underway.
“This is one of the largest highway infrastructure investments to date,” said Public Works Minister Kim Masland. “This investment will not only make our highways and bridges safer, it will also enable the road-building industry time to plan and prepare for these major investments.”
Projects planned for Pictou County in 2023/24 include:
Ongoing twinning of Highway 104: Sutherland's River to Antigonish (38 kms).
Highway 104, Exit 25 East Bound Lane on Ramp Retaining Wall
Repaving of Route 347: from Woods Road to MacMillan Road (5 kms)
Repaving of Black Point Road: from Route 348 to MacKenzie Road (2 kms)
Repaving of River John Road: from Scotch Hill Road to Truck 6 (7.1 kms)
Maintenance Paving on Park Fall Roads: from Route 347 to Thorburn Road (3.3 kms).
Maintenance Paving on Tanner Hill Road: from West River East Side Road to Salem Loop (3.7 kms).
Double Chip Resurfacing on Hedgeville Road: from River John Road to Trunk 6 (5.7 kms)
Gravel Road Program:
Brookville Road from Brookville Branch Road to McLellans Mountain Glencoe Road (6.8 kms)
Churchville Road from East River West Side Road to Route 348 (4.1 kms)
Factory Road from Pictou Island Road to end of listing (1.4 kms)
Four Mile Brook Road from Six Mile Brook Road to Heron Road (2.5 kms)
Fraser Road from end of listings to Route 347 (2.4 kms)
Glen East Road from Bayview Road to Division Road (4.1 kms)
Irish Mountain Road from Route 348 to Churchville Loop (5.3 kms)
MacKay Road from Mountain Road to West Branch Road (4.9 kms)
Murphy Road from end of listing to Cape John Road (0.65 kms)
Pictou Island Road, various sections (0.8 kms)
Priests Road from Central Caribou Road to Glen East Road (1.2 kms)
Wharf Road from Wharf Road to Pictou Island Road (0.4 kms)