Public Notices Regarding Telecommunications Tower Structures

In order to improve service rural Pictou County,  the MOPC is proposing to install telecommunication towers in the following locations. 

The MOPC is following Industry Canada's Default Public Consultation Process as defined in

For additional information about antenna systems, you can visit the Government of Canada website at

If you have specific questions about the proposed plans to upgrade the wireless network in your community, you can email MOPC CAO Brian Cullen at

All questions, concerns or comments to Mr. Cullen regarding these proposed tower sites must be submitted by September 17, 2021.  Residents and businesses within 120 metres of the proposed tower sites will receive information packages in the mail before this date. 

984 and 1300 Arbuckle Road, Barney's River

1687 Tower Road, Blue Mountain

6319 Sherbrooke Road, Blue Mountain

Caribou Island Road, Caribou Island

1230 Churchville, Nova Scotia

200 Dan Fraser Road, Greenhill

1639 Mountain Road, River John

327 Mountville Road, Mountville

46 Municipal Drive, Pictou

2665 River John Road, Popular Hill

523 Marsh Road, Thorburn