November is 4-H Month

4h month revised

Thank you to members of local 4-H clubs in Pictou County for visiting us on November evening to raise the 4-H flag in front of our administration building. Warden Robert Parker accepted the flag from Sara Henderson, 4-H Ambassador for Nova Scotia.
4-H is a nation-wide, family-oriented, community-based, youth organization dedicated to the development of young Canadians, encouraging them to become responsible members of society.
We help our youth “Learn To Do By Doing” in a safe, inclusive and fun environment, providing opportunities for leadership and life skills development, while promoting agriculture awareness.
The heart of 4-H is in its clubs. 4-H clubs are comprised of 4-H members and trained and screened volunteers who act as club and project leaders. The club decides on a topic of interest and, through instruction by leaders and hands-on learning, members learn about the topic during 4-H meetings. In addition to gaining a hands-on education, members develop leadership skills, they gain an understanding of how an individual can affect their community and country, and they make lasting friendships.
If you are interested in learning more about Pictou County 4-H, you check out its Facebook page at or the Nova Scotia 4-H website at