Absolute Darkness Kilt created in honour of lives lost in Westray Mine Disaster

As we mark the 30th anniversary of the Westray tragedy, we remember the 26 lives lost and their families. The six municipalities of Pictou County have purchased an "Absolute Darkness" kilt in the memory of the 26 miners and their families. An official dedication of the kilt event will be held in the near future.
"Absolute Darkness" - Kilt #5
This tartan takes us to a place where Darkness is Absolute. A place where reliance on your brother is a means of survival. A place where the working man carries his lunch can far beneath the ocean, and under the earth's surface working the black seam; an endless ribbon of steel his only link to fresh air and blue skies.
Family, friends, and sunshine are the simple pleasures that fill a coal miner's life. Their struggles, sacrifices, and contributions live on in story, song, and now in textile.
Blue represents the sky and ocean, yellow sunshine, grey identifies steel rails and black is coal.
This tartan is a tribute to celebrate the lives and commemorate the legacy of coal miners, their families and communities who are bonded globally.
Tartan designed by Deana A. Lloy.
Registered with the Scottish Authority, Scotland.