Notes from District 2

To the residents of District 2, I was able to place signs in various areas in our District thanking all essential workers for the tremendous job they are doing to help us through this crisis. We want to ensure our essential workers that we are doing our part to keep them safe too, by Staying the Blazes Home, when we are out keeping our social distance (2 Meters/ 6 Feet) and washing our hands. I would like to thank the residents of District 2 for trying so hard to follow these orders. Every day I see people out walking or biking along the road getting their exercise not to socialize. Together we will flatten the curve.

Special Thanks to Chief Andrea Paul who is working so hard to keep her community safe.

Deborah Wadden District 5If anyone in our area requires help getting groceries, medication or having meals delivered please call me or any member of our fire departments both Little Harbour Fire Dept or Pictou Landing Fire Dept who have stepped up and will help our residents with any issue they may have. To all the children in our District, Thank you so much for your understanding and your patience. Your parents are working very hard to keep you safe. I’m sure you miss your school mates, your sports and recreation events and all social activities such as sleepovers and birthday parties. Your school year has turned out very differently for you and you are showing such strength, you give all of us the confidence to know we will get through this.

Our Municipal council continues to meet weekly by teleconferencing to discuss all the issues associated with this crisis but also to discuss our normal council issues. I must give a shout out to our CAO and all our staff who are working so hard on our behalf to make sure all Municipal services are working for you. Ratepayers meetings will not take place during their usual time frame this year, but we realize how important these meetings are each year especially for those applying for Municipal Services Grant monies so we do have a plan in place to make sure you are able to apply for the funding you have come to depend on.

I will be notifying all groups who normally apply for these grants that you will be able to apply through me but if I have any first time groups or groups who have not applied in a few years, please contact me and I will make sure your request is looked after. You can call me at (902)752-1303 or email me at

Please all Stay Safe! Stay Strong!