Notes from District 7

Greetings from the outskirts of Westville all the way to Mt. Thom and the many communities in between.

David Parker District 9These are dark days and there will be more difficult days ahead. I have been in contact with many residents of district 7, by phone, in the last few days. Most, hopefully all, are following the advice of public health officials - that is the best way through this crisis.

We need to guard our physical and mental health so that we can reach out to our neighbours to provide that vital social contact. Be certain to exercise each day. We are blessed by our rural beauty and woodlands where we can relax and recharge. A walk along a babbling brook in springtime does much to recharge one’s spirit.

Please reach out, by phone, to introduce yourself to newer neighbours, the elderly, those living alone or to renew old acquaintances. It will help you and it will help those to whom you reach out. This crisis provides an opportunity to strengthen our communities.

Let’s think of those friends and neighbours who go to work daily, at some real risk to themselves, to provide essential services. They are true heroes. Reach out to them and thank them. Let’s support our local businesses that are staying open, in some form, to support us. Let us build lasting relationships with them.

Finally, spring in Pictou County is coming! The snow is rapidly retreating and soon the soil will begin to dry and warm. It’s time to garden. Personally, I will be expanding my gardens this year. The seeds are ordered and soon will be started indoors. I find gardening to be relaxing, an act of hope, keeping myself in touch with nature and providing some small bit of food security. Please try it, even those with a black thumb! LOL

“Tough times never last, tough people do.”

“ When things are darkest is when the eyes begin to see.”

Take care, 
District 7 Councillor David Parker