Notes from District 8

Notes from District 8

Our world has hit pause. Our daily lives have been altered. Perhaps some aspects irrevocably. Our daily interactions, conversations, gatherings, and our whole social fabric has been disrupted. Unfortunately, the most vulnerable people are likely to be the hardest hit. Communication and trust are essential during these times. As a municipality, we are trying to communicate as effectively as possible.

There are still lots of questions to be answered. How do we integrate opening up the economy with public health policies? How do we ensure that our frontline essential workers get the protective equipment they need? How do we ensure our vulnerable populations are looked after? Although these questions can best be answered by provincial, federal, and the private and not-for-profit sectors, I’m sure that our council will have these questions in mind as we work to emerge from this crisis.

One lesson I think will emerge is that digital access must be seen as a utility. Where available, telehealth has allowed our health care workers to support and treat people in their own homes. Our municipality continues to work on bringing the internet to underserved communities.

Our municipality is still functioning. Our staff is still at work and our council is still meeting, albeit virtually.

Larry Turner District 11We will recover from this pandemic. I think we should be grateful for our leaders. Municipal, provincial and federal. We should be grateful for our health care workers and leaders. We should be grateful for our essential workers in our service industries. We should be grateful for our volunteers who are serving our vulnerable populations.

Perhaps this will teach us humility. From this humility will come strength. We are all in this together and we are all stronger together.

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