Petition tabled in Legislature demanding Trenton Connector become safer

Trenton Connector Meeting2

Pictou West MLA Karla MacFarlane tabled a petition in the Legislature this week from Pictou County residents demanding that the government make the Trenton Connector safer.

Signed by 800 people, the petition notes that accidents on the Trenton Connector have resulted in injury and death over the years and asks the government to improve the state of the connector by creating a roundabout.

KEV2087 1024x538“This is an issue I have been asking about ever since I got elected,” MacFarlane said. “After sounding the alarm for many years, residents want the government to immediately make safety improvements to the intersection to prevent future injuries and fatalities.”

MacFarlane noted that many temporary measures have been taken by government over the years, but there always seemed to be a reason not to find a permanent solution to the deadly problem.

“This is a longstanding public safety issue that should not be swept under the rug any longer,” MacFarlane concluded. “Eight hundred people have spoken. I hope the Liberal government is listening.”

A public meeting was also recently held in Pictou County where residents voiced their concerns to officials of the Department of Transportation and Infrastructure about the Trenton Connector-Abercrombie Road intersection.