Pictou County MultiSport begins Sunday

Pictou County Multi Sport gymnastics

The benefits of getting children to participate in more than sporting activities are great, but so can be the challenges.

It could be time, money or even the location of the event that prevent some children, or their parents, from committing to new sporting activities.

But what if some of these challenges were lessened?

Pictou County MultiSport is getting ready to begin its second session with seven activities being offered in seven months all under one registration fee of $250.   The seven sports include gymnastics, basketball, karate, athletics, tennis, swimming and softball.  Most of the activities will take place the Pictou County YMCA except for softball which will be held at Scotia Park and gymnastics at the Pictou County Gymnastics Club.

The program, which will begin Nov. 18,  is designed to introduce young children to a variety of sports while making it convenient for parents to get their children involved in fun, recreational activities.

“This program is focused on introducing children to different activities that they might not experience otherwise,” said Cindy Fraser, Recreation Co-ordinator for Pictou County Recreation. “Many young children are locked into one program, but the more they are exposed to, but better it is for them.”

Organizers say multi-sport participation has led to better overall skills and ability, smarter and more creative players, less burnout and overuse injuries, more lifelong enjoyment in sport and most importantly, it is fun.

All sessions are facilitated by recreation program coordinators and delivered by community sport organizations.  Each lesson focuses on developing physical literacy through skill development and fun, setting the ground work for a love of sport.

Last session, the pilot program had great success in regards to the number of participants that took part and feedback from all of the stakeholders. 

Pictou County MultiSport is open to children in Grades Primary to Grade Three and participants can still register for Pictou County MultiSport by contacting Heather Beaton at 902-752-0202 or via email at heather.beaton@pcymca.ca