Pictou County’s libraries encouraging citizens to get outside with snow shoe rentals

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There are ways of getting in shape that don’t involve spending money at a gym that you’ll likely quit within the first six months of the New Year.

Try snowshoeing. If the weather so-far this winter is any indication, then it will be a good season for it. And, thanks to Active Pictou County and the Pictou Public Libraries, equipment for the whole family is easy to access.

“Outside is free right? So, anybody can take advantage of the trails we have in the county,” said Clare Steele, recreation coordinator with the Town of Westville. “It’s something that’s free, different and fun.”

The 40 pairs of snowshoes, both for adults and children, are owned by Active Pictou County and were up until recently being held at Trenton Park. The decision to spread them out through the county’s libraries was seen as the right move to ensure that more people could take advantage of them this season.

“We find it’s easier for people to come to their local library in each town rather than having to drive all the way to Trenton Park,” said Trecia Shell, vice-president of the Atlantic Provinces Library Association. “It’s a great common ground for people to come and get them.”

Like the library’s Fun-Fit Passes, the snowshoes can be rented at the libraries’ front desk in the same way you would a book.

-Story provided by The News in New Glasgow, Nova Scotia. www.ngnews.ca