Provincial government begins the process of replacing Springville Bridge

SPRINGVILLE – A tender has been called for the replacement of the Springville Bridge.

The tender was posted by the Department of Transportation and Infrastructure Nova Scotia on the Procurement Nova Scotia site on Feb.20 with a closing date of March 6.

In District 11, the replacement of the Springville Bridge was listed in the province’s 5-year capital plan and work is expected to take place on this project this summer.

“We expect construction to take place through the summer and fall with work completed by late fall,” said Marla MacInnis, media relations advisor for the Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal.

The Springville Bridge has been closed in 2018 due to safety concerns. Residents and emergency personnel have expressed opposition to the closing saying it provides motorists with a convenient and sometimes shorter route over the East River in the East River Valley.

District 11 Coun. Andy Thompson said the community is encouraged the Springville Bridge is one of only 12 bridge replacements in the province under consideration in this year’s capital plan.

“We thank Minister Lloyd Hines and his staff for the response to replace this bridge and reconnect our East River Valley communities.”

“We look forward to the tender being called and hopefully for work to commence this construction season.”

District 12 Coun. Chester Dewar said he is also pleased to see the bridge is slated for replacement.

“It is greatly needed in the area,” he said. “It is an important piece of infrastructure to residents who use it daily to go from one side of the East River to the other for work, trips to their home and for first responders needing the shortest distance in times of emergencies.”