Speed concerns near new roundabout

MOPC Council is asking the province to drop the speed limit entering the new Trenton/Abercombie Road roundabout.

District 9 Coun. Peter Boyles said he has heard from residents who are concerned that the speed limit entering the new roundabout is still at 80 km.

“That is coming too fast into it,” he said during a recent MOPC Council meeting. “We fought to have it done so we could cut down on lives being lost.”

MOPC Council supported the Abercrombie Fire Department in its efforts to lobby the provincial government for changes to the intersection which has been the site of numerous and collisions and fatalities.  Additional signage and improved signals were put in place, but the province announced in 2021 what it would build a roundabout in the area as part of its capital projects.   The new roundabout was completed in November.

District 8 Coun. Larry Turner said he has heard similar concerns and would also like to see a transitional speed put in place.

Council agreed to send a letter to the province’s minister of public works as well as local MLAS for a reduction in speed at the site.