Switch MOPC Goes Beyond Solar: All-Inclusive Energy Solutions in Pictou County

PICTOU – The Municipality of Pictou County will now be able to help more residents transition to cleaner energy.

On Dec. 5 council approved a by-law amendment, broadening the coverage of its green energy financing program “Switch MOPC.” Previously exclusive to solar panels, the program will now offer financing for a wide range of home energy upgrades.

The amended by-law outlines specific criteria for project eligibility, requiring that eligible projects must save energy and reduce carbon emissions. This expansion allows homeowners to pursue financing for various upgrades including heat pumps, windows and doors, insulation, electric water heaters and much more.

This adjustment acknowledges the constraints of the program's earlier emphasis on solar and will better align the Switch MOPC Program with the needs of the community, offering an extensive array of energy and heating solutions.

To optimize the advantages for participating homeowners, a Home Energy Assessment is required prior to receiving financing. These assessments will analyze your home's energy consumption, identify areas of heat loss, and recommend the most suitable energy upgrades for your needs. Issues such as poor insulation, reliance on costly heating methods, or excessive draftiness in your house can now be addressed through an array of upgrades offered by the Switch MOPC Program.

Most measures that will tighten your house have now been added to the earlier Switch MOPC program that was announced to help residents to install photovoltaic solar systems to their homes to reduce electricity bills,” said MOPC Warden Robert Parker. “Not only will our Municipality provide financing to allow you to make these energy-saving features to your home but also free advice on all the various government grants available at the provincial and federal levels, so you are only borrowing what you absolutely need to do the job.”

He said free advice will also be available on what steps to take when and how to choose a trustworthy contractor to do the job right.

“We look forward to as many of our residents who would like to, having more energy efficient homes, being more comfortable in both hot and cold seasons and saving precious dollars and protecting our environment. SwitchPACE, our partner in this project has lots of experience in this field and is ready to help, first come, first served.” 

Pictou County invites homeowners to explore the possibilities that the enhanced Switch MOPC Program brings, advancing towards a community that is both energy efficient and resilient.

Interested homeowners can call the Switch MOPC Program at (902) 334 – 4227 or reach out over email: info@switchmopc.ca.



For more information, please contact:

Julian Boyle, P. Eng., President 


(902) 802-0924