Tender Awarded for Signalized Intersection for East River Business Park

Tender Awarded for Signalized Intersection for East River Business Park

The tender for construction of a signalized intersection near the East River Business Park has been awarded to S.W. Weeks Construction.

The local company was one of four businesses that bid on the project and the New Scotland Business Development Inc. Board of Directors accepted its tender of $767,400.

“On behalf of the board, we are pleased to announce SW Weeks as the low bidder,” said Andy Thompson, County Councillor and Chair of the Board of the Business Park. “This is a critical piece of the park’s development, giving the park entry and exit access, connecting East River Road and North Novie Drive.”

The 17-acre commercial park located along the East River Road, owned by the Town of New Glasgow and the Municipality of Pictou County, has been undergoing considerable development in the past year.  There is currently one business in the midst of construction, streetlights, paving and curbing is complete and work is finishing on a new wastewater lift station that will replace a current dated station in the Town of New Glasgow. It will provide new wastewater services to the park as well as some existing businesses along the East River Road.

The new intersection will be located at the end of North Novie Drive, which is the road going into the business park off of East River Road. It was originally thought a roundabout could be located in this area to provide access to the park, but a signalized intersection was the preferred choice of New Scotland Business Development Inc which oversees work being done in the park.

Work on the signalized intersection is expected to begin in late June.  Traffic advisories will be issued when the work is taking place.