Tender called to improve access to the East River Business Park

The East River Business Park is busy with activity as it prepares for new opportunities.

The 17-acre commercial park located along the East River Road, owned by the Town of New Glasgow and the Municipality of Pictou County, has issued a tender for a signalized intersection.

The new intersection will be located at the end of North Novie Drive, which is the road going into the business park off of East River Road. It was originally thought a roundabout could be located in this area to provide access to the park, but a signalized intersection was the preferred choice of New Scotland Business Development Inc which oversees work being done in the park.

"The street is named in honour of the North Nova Scotia Highlanders,” said New Scotland Chair and County Councillor Andy Thompson. “During the Second World War two basic training camps were located in Parkdale before volunteers were sent overseas to liberate Europe and other parts of the world during this conflict.”

Tenders for the signalized intersection will close May 21 and development is expected to take place this construction season. Currently, CF Construction is on-site installing a wastewater lift station in the East River Business Park. The new lift station will replace a current dated station in the Town of New Glasgow and will provide new wastewater services to the park as well as some existing businesses along the East River Road.

“We are excited to see the development of the East River Business Park moving ahead with the construction of this intersection as well as improvements to other municipal services,” he said.

In addition, the East River Business Park’s first tenant has also started construction on its building. More information on this business will be announced in a few months.

Coun. Thompson said streetlights in the park are now operational, paving, and curbing work is complete. It also has fully serviced industrial property with access to natural gas, municipal services such as water and sewer and it is adjacent to one of the busiest roads in the province.

“Interest in the park continues to grow and this new intersection onto East River Road will make it even more attractive to potential tenants,” he said. “This is the perfect location for businesses that want to be located in a high traffic area in the centre of Northern Nova Scotia.”