Trenton Connector Roundabout on Province's Five Year Highway Improvement Plan

Trenton Connector Meeting11

The Trenton-Abercrombie Connector is listed on the provincial government’s newly released Five-Capital Highway improvement Plan.
Greg Chisholm, area manager for Pictou for the Nova Scotia Department of Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal, confirmed Wednesday the current plan is to resurface the asphalt between Highway 106 and Granton-Abercrombie Road and replace the traffic signals with a modern roundabout.
He said the design is currently being finalized and tenders prepared. Nothing is guaranteed until tenders close and are awarded but the plan is for this work to be completed this construction season (2021/22) as noted in the 5-year plan (barring any unforeseen circumstances).
The connector, which has been a safety concern for local fire departments and motorists, is listed under the heading Construction/Improvement Projects for 2021-22. A description of the work says Construction Local Roads. 
County Council has been asking the provincial government for improvements to the area because the intersection has been the site of several motor vehicle accidents in the past. It has been lobbying for a roundabout to replace the current intersection which is currently a four-way signalized light system. The province has increased signage in the area and improved the signal lights in an effort to address the safety concerns.
Other projects for Pictou County in 2021-22 include:
Highway Twinning in Sutherland’s River
Highway 104:East bound lane from Exit 20 to Exit 21 – 4.8 km repaving
Truck 6: from Battist Road to Three Brooks Road – 5.6 km repaving
Glengarry Road: from Dryden Lake Road to Lorne Station Road – 4.6 km repaving
Meadowville Station Road: from River John to Trunk 6 – 6.2 km repaving
Trenton Connector: from Highway 106 to Granton-Abercrombie Road – 4.3 repaving
East River West Side Road: from 2 km east of St. Paul’s Road easterly to Route 348 – 4.4 km maintenance paving
Route 347: from 2.8 km south of French River Road northerly – 4 km maintenance paving
Loch Brook Look: from 5 km north of Maple Street northerly to Alma Road – 4.6 km double chip resurfacing
Brookland Road: from Trunk 4 easterly – 8.8 km Gravel Road Program
MacKean Road: from end of maintained to O MacLean Road – 2.6 km Gravel Road Program
Toney River Road: from 1.2 km north of River John Road to Trunk 6 – 7.1 km Gravel Road Program
Nova Scotia will invest almost $500 million to improve and upgrade roads, highways, and bridges across the province this year. The Five-Year Highway Improvement Plan includes more than 150 major construction and improvement projects for the coming year that will make Nova Scotia’s roads, highways and bridges safer.
“Our highway system is the backbone of our province. Investing in our highways, roads and bridges is an investment in public safety,” said Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal Minister Lloyd Hines. “This year and last year represent more than a billion dollars invested in our road and highway infrastructure.”