Two Pictou County roads on government's radar for repaving


PICTOU, NS - The Nova Scotia Government says it is aware that two roads in Pictou County need to be repaved but is unsure when the work will be done.

The Province recently responded to letters sent to the Department of Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal Department asking that Route 347 between Thorburn and East River St. Mary’s as well as Route 289 in Little Harbour be repaved.

Provincial TIR Minister Lloyd Hines said his department is aware of the condition of Route 347 which has a significant number of potholes and rough sections which emerged resulting from numerous freeze-thaw cycles this past winter and spring.

“I was advised that the Nova Scotia Department of Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal staff made repeated maintenance repairs with cold mix asphalt until local hot mix asphalt becomes available, at the time, further patching was conducted. Further additional pavement patching will be carried out in strategic locations soon under our Rural Impact Mitigation Program,” said Minister Hines.

Hines said the section of highway is not on the province’s Five-Year Highway Improvement Plan, but it has been identified as a local area priority for future capital repaving and it will be added to the plan as soon as possible.

“In the meantime, routine maintenance will continue to be provided to maintain Route 347 in an acceptable condition for motorists,” he said.

Regarding Route 349 in Little Harbour, Minister Hines said this section of roadway is planned for repaving in 2022/2023 as part of the Five-Year Highway Improvement Plan.  He said the area has been reassessed by TIR staff and it is showing signs of deterioration, but the needs for capital repaving must be prioritized and balanced with the needs of many other highways in the province.

“NSTIR staff regularly monitors and reassesses the relative property of all candidates published on the Five-Year-Plan as well as those identified on internal priority lists,” said Minister Hines. “Timelines may be adjusted should relative priorities change, or as funding opportunities permit.”