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The Municipality of the County of Pictou currently has vacancies for the following volunteer positions:

144 Construction Engineering Flight Board of Directors (1 position)
2 Year term, ending November, 2021
The Board is responsible to review applications from non-profit organizations for construction projects that utilize CEF trade resources (i.e. construction, plumbing, heating, electrical, refrigeration, mechanical, water, fuels & environmental) and to recommend projects for approval.

Riverton Guest Home Corporation Board of Directors (1 position)
2 Year term, beginning January 1, 2020
The Board is responsible for the management & operation of Valley View Villa.

Municipal Audit Committee (1 position)
2 Year Term, ending November, 2021
The Committee is responsible to review the qualifications, independence, quality of service and performance of External Auditors, and to recommend to Council the appointment or discharge of External Auditors.  The Committee is also responsible for reviewing the financial statements of the Municipality evaluating internal control systems and management letters, and for carrying out all responsibilities as outline in Section 44(2) of the Municipal Government Act.  Applicants must demonstrate a strong financial background and knowledge of accounting practices and audit routine.  The Committee will meet 4 times annually.

Planning Advisory Committee (1 position)
2 Year term, expiring November, 2021
The Committee is responsible to advise Municipal Council respecting the preparation or amendment of planning documents and planning matters generally.  Numerous meeting are expected during the term of this position to comply with provincial requirements to meet minimum planning standards.

Residents of the Municipality interested in serving in this volunteer capacity should submit a letter of application to the Municipality no later than 12:00 Noon on Thursday, October 3, 2019.   Letters can be mailed to PO Box 910, Pictou, NS, B0K 1H0, dropped off at 46 Municipal Drive, Pictou, or e-mailed to  To be considered eligible for consideration, applicants must be a resident of the Municipality and must have lived in the Municipality for a minimum of six (6) months.   Applications should include a brief biography which details any previous or related experience and skills that would be an asset to this position and must supply 3 professional and/or volunteer related references.