J-Class Roads in District 10 resurfaced

Second Street and Third Street in MacLellan’s Brook were recently paved under a 50/50 cost share agreement with the province in regards to J-Class roads.  J-Class roads are roads owned by the province, but fall under a cost-sharing agreement between the Nova Scotia Department of Infrastructure & Renewal and municipalities.  Outside of general maintenance, the Municipality is required to provide 50 per cent of the project’s funding.  Council prioritizes and submits a list of roads for repair to the province for approval and scheduling.   When TIR receives its list from all Nova Scotia municipalities, it determines which roads can be done based on ranking and available funding.

For the 2019-2020 fiscal year, the Municipality of Pictou County has requested that repaving take place on MacKenzie Road in MacLellan’s Brook as well as paving on First Street and Fourth Street.   A section of Harbour View Road in Pictou Landing is also on the municipality’s wish list for repaving in the next fiscal year.