Pictou County Roads included in Province's Capital Plan

Nova Scotia will invest nearly $500 million in capital spending on its highways, bridges, and roads in 2022-23.
The Five-Year Highway Improvement Plan includes more than 150 major construction and improvement projects for the coming year that will make Nova Scotia’s roads, highways, and bridges safer.
Projects planned for Pictou County include:
Highway 104 Twinning: Sutherland's River to Antigonish 100 Series Highway
Asphalt Project for 2022-23:
Trunk 6: from Three Brooks Road to Pictou Rotary -5.8 km
Route 289: from New Glasgow town line to Route 348 Little Harbour - 8 km
Baileys Brook - Ardness Road: from Arbuckle Road to MacGee Road - 5.3 km
Dan Fraser Road: from Greenhill Road to end of pavement - 3.8 km
Maintenance Paving:
Douglas Road: from Greenhill Road to Alma Road - 2 km
Route 347: from Garden of Eden Church Loop to 2.8 km south of French River Road - 2.6 km
Route 376: from Route 256 to Pictou Roundabout - 4.8 km
Double Chip Sealing:
French River Road: from Route 347 northerly - 5 km
Gravel Program:
Barron Road: from Louiseville to Mountain Road - 1.1 km
Brookland Road: from Trunk 4 to Six Mile Brook Road - 8.7 km
Brookville Road: from 1.5 km south of Brook Road northerly to McLellans Mountain Road - 3.5 km
Factory Road: from Pictou Island Road to end of listing: 1.4 km
Four Mile Brook Road: from Six Mile Brook to Heron Road - 2.5 km
Gray Road: from Middle River Road to Foxbrook Road - 4.3 km
Glen East Road: from Bayview Road to Division Road - 4.1 km
Horton Road: from the end of listing to Route 374 - 1.1 km
Limerock Road: from Millbrook Road to end of pavement - 4.9 km
MacKeen Road: from the end of maintained to O. MacLean Road - 2.6 km
Pictou Island Road - various sections - 6 km
Priests Road: from Central Caribou Road to Glen East Road- 1.2 km
West River East Side Road: from Salt Springs Bridge Cross Road to Trunk 4 -5.2 km
Wharf Road: from wharf to Pictou Island Road -0.3 km
Bridge Replacements/Rehabilitation projects
Eureka Mills Bridge: East River West Side Road - Major Bridge Replacement
Haliburton Cemetery Culvert: Trunk 6